Name Update

Name Update


So why why did we update our name?

Back in 1979, the name Gypsy seemed beautiful and perfect and that is what I named my baby girl.  I had just returned from 6 months traveling in Asia and India.  We settled in California and at 9 months pregnant, my baby had already been around the world!  In an old book of baby names, the name Gypsy meaning “a wanderer from Egypt” sounded mysterious and beautiful.  And so appropriate too.  And that’s the story of her name and she’s the owner of this business.

Fast forward to 2021. . .  It is now known to us that the Romani people of Europe have been persecuted for years and a slang term for these folks is ‘gypsie’.  This has made my daughter’s name controversial and even offensive to some of our customers.  In an effort to be understanding, sympathetic and culturally sensitive we have decided to drop her name from our brand and just be G and L Positive Goods.  We are still the same fun-loving family; eco-minded and sustainable as all get out.  We hope our fans will get the reason behind the name change as we are fully committed to raising the bar on cultural and human understanding. 

Starting this fall, you will start seeing this name on our hang tags and on our website; but you will still be able to reach us via the old name Gypsy and as e-mail will be forwarded to the new name and so will web searches.


Gypsy’s Mom, Nancy 


G & L Positive Goods

G and L Positive Goods